Love Wimbledon


Love Wimbledon
5th Floor, Tuition House
St George’s Road
London SW19 4EU

T: 020 8619 2012

Wimbledon town centre’s Business Improvement District (BID); working to make Wimbledon a strong, successful town centre.

Main sponsor and funder of the futureWimbledon competition.

Love Wimbledon is a BID formed in 2012 after a successful ballot of the business community.

Funded by the businesses of the town centre Love Wimbledon is working to improve Wimbledon, making it an attractive, safe, well presented location of choice for businesses, visitors and residents. We do this through events, promotion, partnerships and investing in Wimbledon’s Future.

The key advantage of a BID is that it provides a strong collective voice from the business community along with a guaranteed, sustainable source of income to make a real difference to an area.

The businesses backing the BID support improvements to what is already the fourth most popular inner London shopping destination, by taking advantage of the opportunities for the area – the BID provides the opportunity to drive this.

Details of Love Wimbledon BID‟s activities:

Paul Windsor, chairman Love Wimbledon Business Improvement District:

"Wimbledon is a place I’ve lived and worked, allowing me to be part of a strong community both professionally and socially for over 20 years. It is an active place and the Love Wimbledon BID was set up by the business community in 2012 to harness change and improvement. I believe that we have reached a unique point where a number of key factors have come together to enable a vision of Wimbledon to be turned into positive action.

"There is a will from politicians, both locally and regionally, who recognise the importance of Wimbledon as the beating heart of the borough as well as being a key transport hub for an increasingly prosperous and expansive South West London.

"Building on previous work by the Civic Forum as well as last year’s successful futureWimbledon conference, the Love Wimbledon BID and the team at futureMerton are both committing resources to a ‘place building’ competition around generating ideas for the future development and growth of our town centre. 

"As the primary representative of the business community in Wimbledon I am delighted to be at the forefront of this initiative to help create an exciting, vibrant and sustainable blueprint for the benefit of the people who visit or live and work in our town centre."